Re: SSH through Firewall
Date: 10/08/05

Date: 8 Oct 2005 02:55:08 -0700

Robert wrote:
> > Eth0 (external IP)----Firewall----Internal Network LAN(internal IPs)
We are using IPTABLES firewall on Redhat Linux.
> >
> > We have started firewall and blocked ssh initially. Now we need to open
> > ssh port in the firewall. From within the Internal I can SSH firewall
> > and be able login but even after opening the port 22 and starting sshd
> > service at Firewall I am unable to get into the system from the outside
> > Internet. Any pointers shall be welcome.
> > Many thanks
> > Karmath
> ssh xx.yy.zz.aa outside
> ssh outside
> ssh inside
> ssh timeout 5
> xx.yy.zz.aa (external IP)
> (your internal network)
> do not forget add some user and set password
> Robert

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