Re: BGP Security

From: Volker Birk (
Date: 10/04/05

Date: 4 Oct 2005 12:46:17 +0200

Protocols <> wrote:
> I am final year student of Computer Science engineering from INDIA. I
> am trying to secure the BGP protocols by developing the Scrubber for
> BGPv4. This will remove the ambiguities in the BGP packets by sniffing
> them and using some algorithm. THis will also try to stop the Attacks
> on BGP.
> I would like to know your views on this. Also i am keen to get any
> suggestions or new information abt this topic.

I'm just wondering, why not using well known authentication technics
with BGP like a digital signature. But of course, I'm not very familiar
with WAN routing details, so maybe someone could offer an explanation,
why this is not standard already for a long time.


MAC-Filtering bringt so viel Schutz vor "Hackern" wie Zeitungspapier vor
einer Atombome. (MAC filtering is protecting against "hackers" like newsprint
is protecting against a nuclear bomb)
                  - Christian Forler in