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Date: 09/26/05

Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2005 14:01:59 -0400

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> My company is in the process of repartitioning the network, including
> the adoption of a DMZ for all of our web based servers and wireless
> clients.
> All DMZ computers will use private IP addresses with NAT for any public
> access required.
> My question is this: For the wireless clients in the DMZ I need to have
> DHCP available. Should I allow this traffic through the router /
> firewall's internal interfaces and try to use my existing DHCP
> server? Or should I install DHCP on one of the DMZ computers? I'm
> leaning towards allowing DHCP using my existing server if possible. If
> I can do this what do I need to do to specify the use of a second DHCP
> zone?
> My DHCP server is running Windows 2003 with the standard Microsoft DHCP
> server.

I think I would use a separate dhcp server in the dmz -- setting up a dhcp
server to dish out ip's in a range that it's not even participating in would
be ugly. Why allow such traffic across the dmz boundary?

And btw why do you need DHCP in your DMZ? Aren't the servers using static
IP's? If not, how do you reach them from the other zones?


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