Re: How to prevent malware from running on your PC

From: nutso fasst (no.replies_at_no.where)
Date: 09/25/05

Date: Sun, 25 Sep 2005 02:15:07 GMT

"Volker Birk" <> wrote in message
> that much too many people are working as Administrator with their
> Windows-System, a mistake, Microsoft even is encouraging with their big
> design flaws in Windows XP Home, the design flaw of having too late
> sensible concepts in the market, how ISVs can make their applications
> running also without administrative rights and the phlegm and stupidity of
> those ISVs not to react now at last.

Within the setup process, or the intial startup process, guide the creation
of a user account and an admin account. Explain that the admin account is a
special account, to be logged into only for special tasks. Better yet, allow
the admin account to be logged into directly FROM the user account, exiting
back into the user account when admin duties are complete.

Do not enable any network services by default. Give the option to enable
them, with risks explained.

Perhaps there are os-independent functions that can be implemented in
firmware, not alterable by software, that could aid in avoiding a hijack or
alerting if it occurs.


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