Re: Wall Watcher VICTORY

From: Duane Arnold (
Date: 09/21/05

Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2005 06:25:58 GMT

"louise" <> wrote in message
> Thanks for everyone's help.
> I posted on the Sygate BB and was given a suggestion as to how to
> configure the advanced rule and it worked.
> Next question: I am surprised to see how quickly WW accumulates
> "in" events. What would happen to these if I didn't have a router?
> BTW, here is the advanced rule for Sygate in case anyone ever reads
> this post and wants it:
> you are going to have to make an advanced rule.. tools/advanced
> rules
> the rule needs to look like this:
> allow this traffic
> IP address
> remote field leave blank
> local port add 162
> direction is incoming
> do not select an application under the applications tab

Well, it was that hard after all.

Duane :)