Re: how do you display incoming and outgoing connections in windows?
Date: 09/21/05

Date: 20 Sep 2005 15:29:33 -0700

Volker Birk wrote:
> wrote:
> > >
> > turns out not to be a bug in netstat. results are the same in TCPView,
> > Active Ports, and netstat. But I just noticed, when making an outgoing
> > connection looking at the 2 entries. The process is different.
> > telnet 80
> > process inetinfo.exe listens
> > process telnet.exe established, 66.102..:80
> Hm... what happens if you telnet your own box on port 80? Are you
> getting a connection?

yes, I get a prompt.
When I do telnet 80 <-- prompt
When I do telnet 80 <-- no prompt.

infact, as soon as i've booted into windows, regardless whether i've
opened my browser, I have the following processes running on the
following ports.
                          local port - listening
inetinfo.exe 25,80,443,1025,3456
svchost.exe 135,1037,3544
svchost.exe 520,1033
tcpsvcs.exe 7,9,13,17,19,7,13,17,19
system 138,137,139
system 445,445 (yep, twice, same process/PID !)

[i/james wrote]
> > I imagine that with an incoming connection, it'd still be 2 entries,
> > but the process may the the same. e.g. ftpserver.exe listening, and
> > ftpserver.exe established.

as can be seen in my follow up post, i was guessing wrongly. On an
incoming ftp connection. I found that when I ran server and a connetion
was established, nothing was listed as listening. This was because
nothing was listening before and those processes are nothing to do with

All of those listening processes are independent of my outgoing and
incoming conections. They are just there when windows loads up.  Thus,
they won't tell me whether or not i'm making an incoming or outgoing
connection.  Whether or not a connection is incoming or outgoing is
nothing to do with whether one of those built in windows procesesis
listening on a port. So, nothing to do with the number of entries.

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