how do you display incoming and outgoing connections in windows?
Date: 09/18/05

Date: 18 Sep 2005 08:30:53 -0700

netstat lists listening servers.

But when a connection is established, how do I know which end the
server is on? whether I am running the server or not.

Active Ports has the same problem

Yes, sometimes you can tell from the port numbers - whether they are
low or high numbers.

but maybe i have some server (maliciously against me or not) running on
a high port number for some reason. And a connection is established.
I want to know if the server si on my end.

I could port scan remotely to check/do an onilne port scan, or I could
se if my NAT device is port forwarding on that device. But isn't
there a prog that'll tell me? i'm surpised that netstat doesn't. But I
suppose to do that would require logging and remembering what happened
at the 3 way handshake.

I use the windows firewall. I have heard that sygate lists incoming
and outgoing connections, logging them. But, I had sygate crash on me,
and surely if i use af irewall i should use it for its intendd purpose,
not just to log connections.

MS ha a good port logging utility called "MS Port reporter" but it
doesn't say wich connections are incoming and which outgoing. And to
view the log is a hassle. ( the file is not readable when the port
logger is on. so i either open a copy of the file, or as MS
recommends, stop the port logger!!!).

I guess it's beyond netstat or active ports. And within the realm of a
port logger. But, is there a good one? MS Port reporter is the only
one I found. I tried wallwatcher, but it is a bit odd, asking me what
my router is. seems totally unnecessary, and a hassle to configure.