Re: Wallwatcher problem

From: Duane Arnold (
Date: 09/16/05

Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2005 12:54:17 GMT

"joly joker" <> wrote in

> "Duane Arnold" <>
>> Better yet for the time being, disable Sygate on the machine and
>> watch Wallwatcher work, after all the machine is setting behind the
>> protection
> of
>> a NAT router. You can enable Sygate and figure out how to make rules
>> with Sygate to open/unblock the UDP 514 port.
> why so difficult. Allow WallWatcher to pass Sygate.
> WallWatcher doesn't do lookups on the internet. It only looks in your
> router.

> I use the combination WW/Sygate/BEFSR41 without any problem.
> Don't disable Sygate because you have to block unwanted outgoing
> traffic.

I don't think I said disable Sygate permanently but the OP should at least
disable it until he sees how WW is suppose to work. It was never difficult
for me I had the thing running in about 20 seconds when I first started
using it. BlackIce never gave me a problem using it with my old BEFW11S4
router using Win 2K.

I did have a problem with WW when I switched to XP Pro and the XP FW was
enabled for some reason and was blocking UDP 514 behind BlackIce so I
disabled the XP FW and also set the rules on IPsec to allow traffic on UDP
port 514. I had to be told that UDP 514 was being blocked by the WW author.

Now that I am using a Watchguard FW appliance, which does block outbound if
needed, I have no need for any additional packet filtering solutions at the
machine level to interfere with anything.

Duane :)