Re: risks of using a router instead of a firewall

From: Volker Birk (
Date: 09/14/05

Date: 14 Sep 2005 07:38:51 +0200

Doug Fox <> wrote:
> I have installed a D-Link broadband DI-601 router for Internet access.
> I scanned the router using nmap, nessus, and superscan. They could not
> identify any open ports. In addition, according to D-Link, all D-Link
> routers block all incoming ports.
> In this scenario, is my network safe from DoS, DDoS, Buffer Overflow,
> teardrop, IP spoofing, etc. attacks.

Your network is safe then from any attacks, which attack servers/daemons
on your boxes behind that router, if the router does not have any extra
security holes, which open the possibility again to reach the boxes
behind the router (i.e. by attacking the stateful handling of protocols
like FTP).

This has nothing to do with other types of attacks.


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