Re: sygate and shields up

From: Volker Birk (
Date: 09/10/05

Date: 10 Sep 2005 08:18:43 +0200

Keith <> wrote:
> So , if I had a static IP and told you what it is, can you tell whether i'm
> online or not?

If you mean with that, that sometimes your computer is not connected
and sometimes it is, yes even if your computer is "stealthed", one can
detect that.

That is, because if you're not online, the router of your provider sends
a ICMP Destination Unreachable message, usually with code 1 (host
unreachable). When you're connected, then it doesn't.

> If I'm stealthed then I'm guessing the answer is no? Otherwise Yes

You're guessing wrong.


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