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From: Jim Scott (
Date: 09/10/05

Date: Fri, 09 Sep 2005 22:51:54 GMT

On Fri, 09 Sep 2005 21:18:33 GMT, Casey Klc wrote:

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> says...
>> On Thu, 08 Sep 2005 21:01:32 GMT, Casey Klc wrote:
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>>> says...
>>>> When I test my sygate firewall on Gibson's Shields Up. The ports are
>>>> coming up as closed, but not all are coming up as what GRC calls
>>>> stealth.
>>>> I figure this is to be expected. I have a 'home router'. So my router
>>>> is blocking incoming connections - including Gibson's, reporting back
>>>> "Closed". Those ports that my router is allowing through , Sygate
>>>> kicks in and blocks the incoming connection properly, reporting nothing
>>>> back - what GRC calls Stealth. Not even giving away my computer's
>>>> existance.
>>>> Is running my home router's firewall along with Sygate, actually makign
>>>> me less secure than if I was to run Sygate alone ? (since my ports
>>>> aren't 'stealthed') ?
>>> Run a security check on your Sygate. On the firewall main page,
>>> select the Security Button. This takes you to Sygate website.
>>> You will find that if your ports are "blocked" (closed), you are
>>> in good shape.
>>> Casey
>> You get them all 'blocked' from ZA and XP too!
> Hi Jim,
> James, the poster, was concerned about a test of his Sygate at GRC
> that show his ports "Closed". He was wondering why the ports were
> not called "Stealthed".
> I suggested he do a test at the Sygate website where he would also
> find his ports "Blocked" (closed). I was trying to point out that
> Stealth is advertising nonsense.
> Most any firewall worth a flip will block/close ports.
> Casey

On the other hand port-scan distinguishes
brtween closed and stealthed.

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