Re: PIX VPN: can't see the whole network

From: Jon Doe (
Date: 09/06/05

Date: Mon, 5 Sep 2005 19:18:27 -0500

"Martin Bilgrav" <> wrote in message
> Are you absolutly certain, that this is not a simple route issue ?
> meaning that the 10nw knows the route back to the Cisco VPN Clients ...
> (try from a server to ping the clients)
> and that you do not have any personal firewall services installed on
> servers/clients

That's really what I'm trying to figure out. Also, as I mentioned before,
this is not a case in which the VPN clients can't get *anywhere* on the
network. For instance, when I connect from home to VPN, I'm able to get to
most (I'll give a rough estimate of 85%) of whatever I need to get access
to. By the way, we're very heavy into VLANs here... in case that might have
anything to do with it.

So, it's only a few VLANs here and there that I cannot get access to. The
main reason I got word of this problem was that while connected to this new
VPN, we can no longer get access to a few of our routers or switches... so
we can't administer them while at home (which we really need to be able to

I should also mention here that the whole reason for the cisco vpn is that
we're trying to get rid of the microsoft pptp vpn currently in place. When
connected to the microsoft vpn, I have access to *everything*.

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