Re: NAT is not a mechanism for securing a network.. but.. HELP!

From: Duane Arnold (
Date: 08/25/05

Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2005 17:09:14 GMT

> And just when did I say that I was "unaware of the business
> needs"? Within the division of AT&T that I worked for (AT&T
> Alascom, which AT&T acquired in 1995) it was simply impossible
> to file a weekly time sheet without access to the Internet. Is
> that "business need" enough for you? And that is merely the
> starting point on a list of requirements that most employees
> need Internet access for!

I never heard of any time accounting application that was WEB based that
was used over the Internet. Companies generally have such Web based
applications/solutions as a secured Intranet application NOT an Internet
application, which are behind the company's FW. So of course, company
employees are going to have access through a browser to such an application
as a company Intranet business solution. If the company had that setup any
other way, that was a very questionable setup to say the least about it.
And if some employee needed to access that Web based solution outside of
the company's Intranet domain over the Internet, they would need or be
given a VPN solution and allowed access to the WEB based company Intranet
business solution.

Duane :)

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