Re: Time to ditch Sygate firewall?

From: Margaret Wilson (
Date: 08/21/05

Date: Sun, 21 Aug 2005 15:16:20 -0400

Well I own PowerQuest's Drive Image 7.x. It worked great. Then PowerQuest
got bought out by Symantec. They won't let me buy an upgrade to Ghost 9.0,
which is built on top of Drive Image technology. I have to buy Ghost 9.0 as
if I were a totally new customer. As a result, I'm thinking of switching to
Acronis True Image 8.0. My guess is that Symantec won't honor ownership of
Sygate from its previous manufacturer. Yet another reason to hate Symantec.
I quit using Norton AV when it got super bloated and they institued their
copy protection that made my machine's CPU run at 100%. Of course they said
I was the only one with that problem. Soon after, news of this problem was
all over the 'net. So I was definitely not the only one. I really wish
Symantec would stop eating the competition ... that is, destroying perfectly
good software products.

My advice is do not buy the updates, and start evaluating other firewalls so
when you have to switch, you have a viable alternative to Symantec.



"louise" <> wrote in message
> AT the moment I use Sygate Pro. There is an offer on their site to
> renew subscriptions for a year. Would it be worth it or would I
> find myself with a Symantec-bloated firewall called "Sygate"?
> Louise