Re: Possible security problem?

From: Simon Slavin (
Date: 07/29/05

Date: Fri, 29 Jul 2005 20:58:36 +0100

On 28/07/2005, V=?ISO-8859-1?B?6Q==?=ronique Souchon wrote in message
> This is what is so intriguing Tom. I am not at all expert but I am
> trying to learn.

Well I /am/ an expert and all I can do is curse Microsoft.

nmbd is part of the Samba distribution: it's the Unix implementation
of Microsoft's NETBIOS protocol handler. It doesn't do file sharing,
it does the Microsoft equivalent of something like DNS or Rendezvous.
It can be needed if you're doing anything in a Windows-like manner,
for instance talking to printers which only speak Windows, but if
you're just doing Unix or Mac you don't need it at all.

So do you have any Windows functions enabled ? Are you printing to
Windows computers or enabling file-sharing with Windows computers ?
If not, go to the Sharing System Preferences panel and turn everything
you're not using off. Then reboot. Then see if the problem continues
to happen.


Using pre-release version of newsreader.
Please tell me if it does weird things.

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