Need Mac and PC Firewall S/W

From: Ken (
Date: 07/10/05

Date: 10 Jul 2005 09:42:09 -0700

Hi. I am finally entering the 21rst century by replacing my dial-up
Internet service with a DSL service. As a result, I now will want to
purchase firewall software. I'll need it for a PC and a Mac, as one of
each will be using the DSL network.

My PC has Norton Antivirus 2005. When I looked in the help, it claims
to have firewall software installed. However, my understanding is that
I would want to tell the firewall software my DSL IP addresses. Verizon
said there will be an IP for the DSL Modem as well as another for each
node on the network (in my case, one each for the PC and Mac). So I
figure I'd want to incorporate those addresses into my firewall. Also,
while the Mac will be hooked into the Modem directly, my PC will be
using a PCI wireless adapter. I'm especially concerned about my PC's
wireless connection. In that case, I've heard that I should also tell
the firewall software the wireless adapter's MAC (not to be confused
with the other computer which happens to be a Mac) address.

So I'm thinking the "firewall" software in my Norton package is
probably scaled down and lame. I'm looking for a suggestion for what
firewall software I should get for my PC and Mac.

Thanks for any suggestions! Feel free to point me to any useful FAQs
or product reviews!