Re: Sygate also major slowdown?

From: elaich (a_at_b.c)
Date: 06/23/05

Date: 23 Jun 2005 15:07:29 GMT

Quaestor <> wrote in news:11bh23q27c3uk45

> What must I allow through for w2k to function? What can I block?

I found that the excellent (but currently defunct) is
being mirrored here:

This page can tell you lots of things about what services you need, don't
need, etc.

Personally, I never let anything connect that doesn't need to. Windows
2000/XP come with all kinds of services that not only want to connect to
the Internet, but are not at all needed by a home user. Blackviper tells
you which ones are safe to disable.

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