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From: fred (fred_at_hotmaim.con)
Date: 06/18/05

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    Date: Sat, 18 Jun 2005 08:49:19 GMT

    ZA free version (latest/current) on XP Home and W98SE

    Under Firewall Zones there is an entry for the Adapter Subnet that is
    apparently present by default Also apparently by default it
    is set to the internet zone. If I understand correctly I was supposed to
    enter a range of IPs for my local workgroup and
    set it to trusted; I did that. These IPs are assinged by DHCP from my
    Belkin wireless router which I set to assign starting at
    Also I set the Belkin to have the IP/gateway address

    Why is for the local Adapter set to internet; it's a 3c905?
    It is possible to change it to trusted. Which is right?

    Currently is both set to internet zone by the Adapter Subnet
    line and by the range line for the local workgroup which is set to trusted.
    What is the zone for internet or trusted? Does the order a
    line appears in the zone list make any difference?

    So do I need to add a ZA zone entry and set it to the internet

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