Re: IPCop for Small-Business Network: Web Proxy Usage

From: Robert de Brus (de_brus_at_h)
Date: 06/17/05

Date: Sat, 18 Jun 2005 00:27:46 +1000

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|| Hi All!
|| Our small-business (5 PCs) has its LAN connected to the internet
|| through ADSL (1 Mbit downstream, 128 KBit upstream). Now I decided to
|| use IPCop. First I wanted to use an old Pentium 166 for IPCop, but
|| the system should operate 24/7 so I ordered the following hardware:
|| - VIA EPIA PD-6000 fanless board (with VIA Eden ESP 600MHz Processor)
|| - Morex Cubid 2699 case with external fanless power-supply
|| With the fanless VIA board and the fanless power-supply of the Morex,
|| even if the small case-fans should stop working there should be no
|| problem I think. Actually I want to try to use the systems without
|| any fans running...
|| Unfortunately I have not found many info on the web proxy feature of
|| IPCop. I hope the CPU will be fast enough for our small-business
|| firewall/router with one VPN tunnel and the proxy turned on.
|| I also have to decide how big my HDD should be. Any ideas what would
|| be a good proxy cache size for my setup?
|| Any other comments on my setup are welcome!
|| Thanks a lot and best regards!
|| Anguel

For a LAN as small as yours your IPCop box could even be considered

600MHz is more that enough.

But don't take my word for it, check out the forum and ask your questions