Re: SonicWall TZ170

From: Mark (
Date: 06/14/05

Date: 13 Jun 2005 18:52:03 -0500

Two options:
 - in the Sonicwall management go to LOG/REPORTS/ select Bandwidth Usage by
IP Address, click start data collection
 - or buy Sonicwalls Viewpoint Reporting system, it gives you lots of nice
info about bandwidth, attacks, protocol use, etc and its not too expensive

<DONNY@PROBDS.COM> wrote in message
> What is the easiest way to see the IP addresses of all of the users
> that are accessing the Internet through the SonicWall TZ170? I am not
> running DHCP; all users have a static IP. I would like to see not only
> the users but also their bandwidth usage. Thank you very much.