Re: Firewall needed behind router?

From: Peter in New Zealand (
Date: 06/11/05

Date: Sat, 11 Jun 2005 23:14:54 +1200

Heck no! I completely understand what you are saying. I personally hold the
view that anything man invents man can get around sooner or later. I believe
the only perfect security solution as far as the Internet is concerned is
the good old "ptpo," or "pull the plug out." I guess it's a matter of
deciding how much security one needs and setting up accordingly. I run
McAfee antivirus and firewall on all machines, check for updates daily,
never open anything I shouldn't, and that is adequate for my setup, at least
IMHO. With confidential sensitive data, financial records, etc, I would
probably want more security, but all that stuff is on a completely isolated
machine. In the end, if anyone really deeply wants to rip off my bank
account I guess they could, but for all that's in there they are welcome to

Good comments though, and I value your point, particularly as I suspect from
your post you know more about this than I do. Thanks.

Peter in New Zealand. (Pull the plug out to reply.)
Collector of old cameras, tropical fish fancier, good coffee nutter, and 
compulsive computer fiddler.
"Duane Arnold" <> wrote in message 
> If you think that some personal FW solution is some kind of a stops all 
> and
> ends all solution, then you have a long way to go. You need to find out if
> the router has logging and use a logviewer like Wallwatcher, Kiwi Syslog
> Daemon or some other kind of logviewer and watch inbound and outbound
> connections to/from the network to possible dubious remote IP(s) as 
> malware
> can circumvent and defeat all of it once it has compromised a machine.
> Duane :)

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