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From: Greenhorn (
Date: 05/25/05

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    Date: 25 May 2005 08:19:27 -0700

          Thanks for the reply.
    I would like to put the query in a better form.

    Do firewalls provide dynamically defined access
    control i.e., can they act as access controllers.
    e.g., it should be able to do the following, a user
    tries to access a resource, the packets would come to
    the firewall, if they are HTTP packets and the user is
    new (from IP address not being in the authenticated
    list), the packets would be redirected to a webproxy,
    the webproxy tries to get the user authenticated by a
    AAA server (say RADIUS), the firewall would get an
    authorization message from the AAA server (or
    webproxy), saying the time the user must be allowed
    access, the resources he can access etc.
    The firewall would provide that access.

    Can this be done by the firewalls in the market such
    as Checkpoint firewall-1


    P.S. Walter, thanks for all your replies.

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