Re: Norton 2005 blocking my internet?

From: Jason Edwards (none1_at_invalid.invalid)
Date: 05/17/05

Date: Tue, 17 May 2005 00:46:13 +0100

"mini chifa" <> wrote in message
> Hi, I've got an HP Desktop with Windows XP Home. A few months ago we
> bought Norton Internet Security 2005 and Visual Basic .Net.
> Does anyone have any ideas about what might be causing this problem?...
> I'd REALLY love to get my internet back and working the way it should

A few wild guesses.

Winmodem? If so get a proper external modem.
Try reducing the speed that the computer talks to the modem's com port if
that can be set for your modem. If it's 115,200 set it lower.
Have the telephone line tested for noise. There may be a number you can call
which will give silence, listen for noise or crackling sounds.

Someone else will be along to tell you to wipe the hard drive again and this
time don't reinstall NIS 2005.

If you're going to reinstall XP, have SP2 (and preferably all other updates
to date) ready on CD and install it before connecting to the Internet. Or
make a slipstreamed CD.


> Thanks for anything!