Re: Is a cheap router secure enough for small business

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Date: 05/10/05

Date: Tue, 10 May 2005 02:23:55 GMT

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>> > I'm talking about 15 computers and would prefer something
>> > subscription free. Is there some FW appliances that would do this
>> > for a cheap price?
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>> Once you buy a FW appliance, you don't have to renew the subscription
>> and continuously update the firmware. Most likely, you'll not need to
>> update the firmware. My subscription expired last month and I will
>> not update the firmware unless I am forced to do so for some security
>> issue that the firmware on the device couldn't handle and I was
>> concerned about it. And I don't see that happening.
>> I use a low-end WatchGuard but there are others too like Sonicwall,
>> Netscreen, Snapgear.
>> There was a post made to me about WG(s) here recently where you could
>> purchase a WG for a good price -- find my name and you'll find the
>> link.
>> I cannot find the post out here in the NG and maybe someone will
>> assist with that info again.
>> You my have to up the number of users that the firmware can support
>> as mine will only support 10 users -- that cost is a little more.
>> You can also go out to and look at devices there too for all
>> major brands -- the price is another story. ;-)
>> Duane :)
> The site I mentioned - and they are authorised resellers for
> Watchguard (as well as Sonicwall but at another site) - is
> Their Sonicwall site is
> Apparently very good reviews of these people on the watchguard forums
> (available only to subscribers) and prices close to the cheapest
> (although not the very cheapest).
> By the way, for those who would like to browse around the private
> watchguard forums and see what is going on with customer queries etc
> but have not purchased a watchguard yet you can read the forums at
> this Swiss archive (which is very much up-to-date and is a mirror of
> some sort) you can look here:
> I assume that the talked about "mailing list" is indeed the same as
> the Watchguard forums I mentioned above as I see Watchguard employees
> posting there. Unfortunately, the forum layout is not the best and
> there is not a proper tree view.

Hey thank you.

I book marked them this time.

Duane :)