Many hits registerd by firestarer

From: Agustin (
Date: 05/06/05

Date: Fri, 06 May 2005 21:34:45 +0200


I wonder if anyone could tell me if all the hits being rejected by
firestarter should be a cause for worry, or is this just some automated

I am a Linux home-user, on Debian Sarge, connecting through ADSL by means
of a TCM 420 Cable Modem, which I believe has some kind of filtering
deployed, as the results of online scans such as grc shields-up are
identical, whether running Debian Sarge, Live Linux or Windows XP.

Observing the firestarter logs on Debian I notice that many of the
incoming connection always blocked are destined to port 17300 for a
purported Kuang2 service (according to website info this is virusware);
Others habitually blocked are for Service Samba (SMB) 137,138;
Backdoor-G or Sub-7 TCP on port 27374; TCP connection service "Auth"
(What is this?) on port 113; ms-sql-s TCP port 1433;

As all of these incoming connections are being blocked should I stop
worrying? In any case, I'll probably bootup Windows XP tomorrow to check
the firewall logs there too

Thanks for any suggestions,


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