Re: Sonicwall Virus protection

From: T. Sean Weintz (
Date: 05/06/05

Date: Thu, 05 May 2005 18:07:50 -0400

Leythos wrote:
> In article <>, says...
>>Is anyone using the Mcafee virus protection option via Soniwall? If so, how
>>is it working? Can you compare it to the straight Mcafee offerings?
> Never depend on the firewall, even with virus-scanning/attachment
> blocking to protect your network from viruses. There are many threats
> from viruses that don't have anything to do with your inbound traffic
> through the firewall.
> Keep using AV software on the desktop, and do anything else if you want
> too.
What he is refering to *IS* av on the desktop - sepcial vesrion of
McCaffee that talks to the firtewall - if the desktop AV is not
installed or the virus definition is to old for the mccafee on the
desktop, the sonicwall blocks internet access for that box.

Sonicwall also has integrated virus scanning at the firewall level -
looks for virus signatures in the packets as they come in - but that is
not what the poster was refering to.