Re: Reverse DNS

From: Kerry Liles (me_at_completely.invalid)
Date: 05/02/05

Date: Sun, 1 May 2005 22:18:40 -0400

Whether you have a reverse dns entry or not, others can find out who owns
the block of IP addresses that you come from... that might be more than
enough info to identify your ISP and to issue a court order if need be.

That said, there are many processes that may not accept an incoming
connection from your IP if a proper reverse dns entry for your IP is not
found. Some ftp servers, some ssh/telnet servers etc.

It's up to you. I don't think having a reverse IP entry is bad; you might
not want to have one that says:



"Frankster" <> wrote in message
> Why might I benefit from have a reverse lookup record?
> I know one school of thought it to not use a reverse entry to protect
> privacy.
> Another is to have one, but why?
> Thanks,
> -Frank