Re: is Zone allam locking up?

From: MikeS (
Date: 05/01/05

Date: Sun, 01 May 2005 05:39:22 GMT

"Jason Edwards" <none1@invalid.invalid> wrote in message
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>> > >> Hi Jason,
>> > >>
>> > >> The Ip address is
>> > >> and it via Rhine 11 fast ethernet adapter
>> > >> MikeS
>> > >
>> > > In that case you don't need another box.
>> > > I'd uninstall ZA and see if the problem goes away.
>> > >
>> > > Jason
>> > >
>> > >
>> > And then the OP will allow any old app to access the internet (trojans,
>> > keyloggers). I would always recommend an outgoing firewall of some kind
>> > being installed. That way you have control on what apps have access to
> the
>> > internet and you can keep an eye on your PC.
>> I suggest you re read what the OP wrote and then ask yourself how we
>> might
>> figure out whether this problem is caused by ZA or something else. If you
>> need any hints let me know.
> Sorry if that was a bit harsh but I really don't need to be reminded how
> wonderful personal firewalls are. I've been configuring them for other
> people for at least 6 years. Mostly for people who had no clue what they
> do
> or what the popup messages mean but still insist on keeping the firewall
> software installed because it makes them _feel_ more secure, and anyway
> the
> BBC told them to install a firewall so I must be wrong to tell them their
> personal firewall is causing them more problems than they'd have had
> otherwise.
> Jason
>Hi Jason,

I think the trouble with my machine was the power control was set to switch
of the modem after a time of inactivity. The first thing I tried was to
disable Zone Alarm to see if it was the cause. I think it would be helpful
if programs that needed access in and out of a system had plain language
titles as well as the programming titles, as it is not clear (sometimes)
from their name tags what programs they represent and if one should grant
permission. When I disabled Zone Allarm I clean the machine with Spybot and
Adware. and use Adwatch to monitor what programs are active in and out of
the machine.

I run my machine on a belt and braces approach and would recommend using
more than one intrusion detector because, I have found for example, Ad aware
and Spybot do not individually pick up all the nasties. Unfortunate
programs, as with advice, no one source is the absolute answer as we all
have our own axe to grind.
It seems to me computing and programs that run them, are follows the rules
of evolution similar the biological systems. this begs the question, what
stage are we at now? Dinosaur.

Thanks all
My machine is now behaving itself.


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