Re: apps that constantly want access

From: Darko Gavrilovic (darkogAThushmailDOTcom)
Date: 04/18/05

Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2005 06:04:42 -0500

Western Pacific <> wrote in

> just what is it with these apps that demand internet access evertime
> they launch? when you dont allow them access (with zone alarm in my
> case) they immediately crash (like some spoiled child throwing a
> crying tantrum) is there any way to run these apps WITHOUT internet
> access and without crashing....


I have seen this behaviour as well, with a number of "name brand" programs
while running Zonealarm and Sygate. You might look through the option
settings and see if you can disable something or anything named "automatic
check" or "automatic update". If it's not there, there might be a registry
tweak posted on the vendors web site or somewhere to do this.

I haven't seen too many programs literally crash the system if you prevent
them from connecting - but there is always a chance.

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