Re: Firewall for a web farm

From: Munpe Q (
Date: 04/07/05

Date: 7 Apr 2005 05:56:31 -0700

You need to identify how many concurrent sessions are being initiated
across your firewall before you make a blind decision. If you just run
out and buy a firewall you're gonna likely get yourself into a
situation where your session count is the problem and not the
bandwidth. Also consider something that is definitely a true security
device but it doesn't have to have the complexity that some vendors
like to incorporate into the firewall's. Security and the devices
themselves do not have to be a stumbling block to good management. I
would tell you to review and demo a NetScreen firewall first, then look
at a PIX, after that it just goes downhill. Whatever you do, stay away
from SonicWALL unless you're a sadist and enjoy terrible products.