Problems while connectiing via proxy server

From: Roland (
Date: 04/06/05

Date: 6 Apr 2005 07:47:22 -0700

Hello there
I have some problems related to Proxy Server. Let me explain my
problem first.
I wanted to connect to Internet through Proxy Server, So I installed
CCProxy Server on one machine which is on LAN.In order to connect to
proxy, I set the proxy server address and port in Tools - Option of
Internet Explorer. As well as I changed the default gateway ( Go to
Lan Connection - Properties Internet Protocols (TCP\IP) to IP address
of machine where proxy server is installed. This is to route the
traffic through Proxy server. After that when I opened Internet
Explore, I was able to browser internet. But when I tried to ping any
IPaddress except IP address of machines on LAN didnot work. I
was not able to ping any website. As well as I am using one SMTP
componenet, it didnot work also when I put mail server, But did work
when I put IP address of mail server. Why DNS does not work when I
connected via proxy server ?

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