Re: D-Link 604 and WallWatcher

From: Sir_George (
Date: 03/30/05

Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005 10:55:41 -0700


Could you please post instructions on how I would setup my DI-604 so that it
sends log records to "Syslog port 514." The only log settings available are
for entries regarding
"SMTP Server / IP Address" and "Email Address."

Again, I just wanted to state that I can receive log files via E-mail, but
have been unable to configure the Log settings to be viewed by WallWatcher.

<> wrote in message
> Someone sent me log samples from the DI-604 a couple of months ago, and
> they were used to add WallWatcher support for that router.  That's also
> how I know that the DI-604 can send log records to Syslog port 514.
> Before that, other people had told me they could not get SysLog style
> logging to work with the DI-604.  This suggests one of two things:
> there's a newer model available that supports SysLog, while the older
> ones don't; or there's newer Firmware available that adds SysLog to
> models that couldn't do it with previous Firmware.
> You may want to check D-Link's website to find out what's available for
> your model of DI-604.
> Also, you may want to check Duane's suggestion that a software firewall
> on the computer running WallWatcher is blocking communication. Some
> software firewalls do that silently, without asking you whether the log
> records or WW should be allowed to use the 'net.  The firewalls have
> Configuration sections that let you change the Permissions for specific
> applications, address, and ports.  The Router should be in your
> "Trusted zone", and anything it sends to port 514 should be allowed to
> reach WW.  Also, WW should be allowed to do DNS lookups (port 53) if
> you want to use the "Convert" options on its Logging menu.