Re: Recommend a free firewall or stick with xp?

From: Siddhartha Jain (
Date: 03/11/05

Date: 11 Mar 2005 06:43:04 -0800

Gerald Vogt wrote:
> Siddhartha Jain wrote:
> > I would recommend a third-party firewall, commercial or free is
> > choice. The reason isn't Microsoft's notorious security track
record or
> > their inability to fix bugs quickly but that by using a third-party
> > firewall you'll spread your risk between two vendors. So if MS
goofs up
> > on some XP bug or patch you still have a third-party firewall that
> > isn't afflicted with M$'s goofup and vice-versa.
> The problem is that you hardly find any third-party firewalls (except

> hardware ones) that actually only do firewalling. All "normal" PFWs
> tons of other dubios features that promise so much and still don't
> really work properly if it gets critical or someone smart comes
> And what good is a PFW that you can sometimes easily knock off? (Just

> think that a crash because of some outbound filtering can turn off
> whole firewall) PFWs are huge giants and there is much to do wrong
> to mess up. So I think a hardware firewall is preferable to XP's
> firewall which is preferable to a PFW in respect to proper and safe
> firewalling.

I haven't tried a lot of PFWs but Zonealarm seems to work just fine on
my Win2K Pro installation. Hasn't ever crashed or turned itself off
after a Win2k crash (which in itself has been rare) and I have tried
*invading* my laptop from my linux box with a bunch of utilities but
zonealarm does the job well.

Ofcourse, there could be zero day vulnerabilities in ZA that I might
not know of.

- Siddhartha