Re: Recommend a free firewall or stick with xp?

From: Siddhartha Jain (
Date: 03/11/05

Date: 11 Mar 2005 06:39:26 -0800

Gerald Vogt wrote:
> Joe wrote:
> > I agree that with win xp firewall it's plenty. Only if you are a
> > knowledgable user however, one not going to install crummy spyware
> > software and open stupid attachments you know nothing about etc. If
> > somewhat smart then win xp firewall plus a virus program in my
> > is ok. you just need to be a little smart though.
> The problem is that people that are not smart enough install PFWs,
> they are invulnerable and don't get smarter at all and just catch all

> the bad stuff anyway and don't even notice it because they have their

> PFW "protecting" them...

I think spyware coming in through ActiveX is a bigger threat than fully
patched but unfirewalled PCs. There are just too many sites trying to
install spyware on your machine and the average user is mostly clueless
about signe/unsigned activex controls and other such IE introduced

- Siddhartha