Re: Microsoft Windows Firewall

From: bassbag (
Date: 03/03/05

Date: Thu, 3 Mar 2005 17:14:40 -0000

In article <422505bb$0$971$>, says...
> > It is opinion...As ive already mentioned my firewall uses less resources
> > than my AV.Look n stop or kerio 2.1.5 uses far less cpu and memory than
> > most Avs .
> Again, your's is your opinion and your experience which may not match
> with the general experience. I conclude from the experiences I have seen
> and it is thus not any more just my opinion. It is a fact that they
> cause a lot of problems and consume much CPU. You use Kerio 2 so you are
> not updated to the current state of the art. 5 years ago PFWs were not
> that intrusive and they had to work with the computers that were made at
> that time. Try upgrading to Kerio 4...>

Kerio 2.1.5 firewall engine version is dated 30 april 2003 (less than 2
years old)...the drivers version 3 created 15 april 2002 (less than 3
years old) so please again, dont generalise about 5 years ago.The point
is that it has outgoin application filtering, and doesnt use 75% cpu
usage that you seem to suggest all application firewalls consumes.Perhaps
your inability to configure NIS properly , reflects your opinion that ALL
application firewalls cause problems.