Re: Norton Internet Security 2005 Personal Firewall slows down Windows XP startup

From: Bud (
Date: 02/20/05

Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2005 19:04:41 -0500

> Bud I do not know best, only from experience and a NAT is plenty good
> enough. I run windows xp pro as admin always, you can't install apps as
> a limited user so you must run as an admin. i hate it when people
> suggest otherwise, they tell you don't run as an admin, then how in the
> hell do you install software? you don't. so this is pathetically
> insanely stuipid to suggest.

I run XP Pro from a limited account UNTIL I need to install. This
minimizes exposure.

> i also never have problems behind simple nat devices. never. they block
> everything incomming and it just works.

Not true. Just one for instance:

But most hardware residential firewalls have an Achilles' heel in that
they typically treat any kind of traffic traveling from the local
network out to the Internet as safe, which can sometimes be a problem.

Consider this scenario: What would happen if you received an e-mail
message or visited a website that contained a concealed program? Let's
say this program was designed to install itself on your machine and then
surreptitiously communicate with someone via the Internet a
distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack zombie or a keystroke
logger, for example? And trust me, this is by no means an unlikely scenario.

To most broadband hardware firewalls, the traffic generated by such
programs would appear legitimate since it originated inside your network
and would most likely be let through. /Q

It's good you have had no problem but I don't think your experience
would hold true for the general public.