Re: Need recommendations for firewall router.

From: Bob Ladbury (
Date: 02/18/05

Date: 17 Feb 2005 20:47:52 -0800

"smooter" <> wrote in message news:<>...
> Bob Ladbury wrote:
> > Would like to get a router to connect a simple two-computer home
> > network using a Ethernet DSL modem. Primarily concerned with
> security;
> > not port jacks or ease of setup. So what's a good, cheap router that
> > has robust firewall / security features?
> Bob,
> I think everyone has gotten a bit "over technical" with you because
> some valid information is missing from your post/question.
> My guess is you have a DSL or Cable Modem connection to your
> "two-computer" network and not a T1 or other "business class" network
> connection. In which case, I think the request for a "router" is
> redundant. What would you need a router for in this configuration?
> Maybe you need one between your two computers. That would seem silly,
> but I have seen sillier! :-)

You're right, but why the need to guess? I wrote in the line you
quoted above that I had a DSL modem, and wanted to set up a simple two
computer *home* network. That would rule out a T1 business setup,
wouldn't it? Why would I need a router,you ask? That's a good
question. That would be because I couldn't get any help in my previous
attempt to set up a simple peer to peer network. Apparently, even the
networking experts are stymied when you ask them to help you set up a
simple 2 computer ad hoc network under Win XP. Several days of trying
to educate myself in networking, researching half-baked articles on
p2p networking from Microsoft and many other sites, all of which left
more questions than they answered, proved fruitless. You're also right
that I was looking into a router simply because I wanted a hardware
firewall. But since everyone I talked to for assistance in setting up
my p2p network -insisted- that I forget about that and use a router
(even though, as you point out, one would hardly need one for 2
computers). I was even 'verbally' attacked on the net, just for
mentioning that I wanted to set up a home network system sans router.

But even though I was sure I could do it, it made little sense for me
to continue with my idea of a simple p2p network, if I was already
going to get a router anyway. Even though I wanted to do it just to
prove everyone wrong, that you -didn't- need a lousy router just to
network a couple o' lousy computers! In any case, I certainly didn't
have $500 professional Cisco routers in mind or complicated
mad-scientist schemes involving hardware firewall emulations using
discarded PCs, floppies and Linux wares, when I posted that I was
looking for a CHEAP router for my *SIMPLE* *HOME* 2-computer network.
The responses were not helpful, but at least they were humourous. When
it gets this crazy, I realize I'm better off just doing my own
research. After this, I whittled it down to 2 *cheap* but *good*
routers, with *robust firewall features* (this means SPI at the very
least); the Netgear RP614 and the D-Link DI-604. Of the two, I picked
the Netgear RP614. (If you want to talk about silly, I also got one
for my friend. He only has one computer). Cost? $19.99 CDN. (down from
$60. Staples had a sale, $40 rebate....). See? It's not as complicated
as it seems....

> Sonicwall, Watchguard, PIX, Checkpoint SOHO, etc. all good products.
> BUT they have subscription licenses based annually for updates (and you
> simply MUST continue to update your firewall, whichever you decide
> on..). So unless your "cheap" statement actually meant somewhere in
> the neighborhood of $350+ initial and around 40% of that annually
> afterwards then you need to be looking at a personal firewall (software
> on the machines), or an open source solution.
> I hate to sound like a broken record, but m0n0wall will do you MORE
> than fine ( Install it on an old small PC, plug
> the WAN interface into the cable modem, and then plug your pc's into a
> hub that is connected to the LAN interface on the firewall. Setup your
> rules and your off and running! Total cost: 0$ (as long as you have
> an old cheap PC laying around that your doing nothing with).

> Just my humble opinion, and many appologies if a assumed incorrectly!
> Good Luck!
> Smooter