Re: Need recommendations for firewall router.

From: smooter (
Date: 02/17/05

Date: 17 Feb 2005 13:51:13 -0800

Bob Ladbury wrote:
> Would like to get a router to connect a simple two-computer home
> network using a Ethernet DSL modem. Primarily concerned with
> not port jacks or ease of setup. So what's a good, cheap router that
> has robust firewall / security features?


I think everyone has gotten a bit "over technical" with you because
some valid information is missing from your post/question.

My guess is you have a DSL or Cable Modem connection to your
"two-computer" network and not a T1 or other "business class" network
connection. In which case, I think the request for a "router" is
redundant. What would you need a router for in this configuration?
Maybe you need one between your two computers. That would seem silly,
but I have seen sillier! :-)

If I am to continue on this assumption then what you REALLY want is a
"good cheap FIREWALL" that has robust security and features, then that
question is a little easier to answer.

Sonicwall, Watchguard, PIX, Checkpoint SOHO, etc. all good products.
BUT they have subscription licenses based annually for updates (and you
simply MUST continue to update your firewall, whichever you decide
on..). So unless your "cheap" statement actually meant somewhere in
the neighborhood of $350+ initial and around 40% of that annually
afterwards then you need to be looking at a personal firewall (software
on the machines), or an open source solution.

I hate to sound like a broken record, but m0n0wall will do you MORE
than fine ( Install it on an old small PC, plug
the WAN interface into the cable modem, and then plug your pc's into a
hub that is connected to the LAN interface on the firewall. Setup your
rules and your off and running! Total cost: 0$ (as long as you have
an old cheap PC laying around that your doing nothing with).

Just my humble opinion, and many appologies if a assumed incorrectly!

Good Luck!