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Date: 02/15/05

Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2005 11:30:15 -0500

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> >>> On Tue, 15 Feb 2005 06:21:48 +1100, Grosby wrote: Anytime you expose
> >>> your company to something they didn't authorize you risk their
> >>> Many companies don't block/filter web sites because it's an expense to
> >>> do so, others rely on the good nature of the employees to not do
> >>> anything they aren't suppose to do.
> >>>
> >>> There are few instances where a person connects from work to home for
> >>> Business reasons, fewer still that don't want to access a file at home
> >>> from work sometime.
> >>
> >> I'm interested to know what risks are incurred by remote controlling a
> >> machine at home, from within the corporate LAN. That's what the OP was
> >> trying to do.
> >
> > Some remote control programs allow people to move files through the
> > connection, while VNC doesn't allow files specifically, there is no
> > that they could not email a file from their personal computer to their
> > work account. There are a number of apps, like PcAnywhere, etc... that
> > allow it, also if they setup a small web-server in their home and access
> > that to get files it's a threat - the home environment is best described
> > as the Wild-West where anything goes, the corporate environment is
> > controlled, monitored, and better protected.
> Well, Remote Desktop can be restricted so that no file transfers
> between the two machines are possible, and that client machine
> is no more than a dumb terminal to the hosting machine. IT can
> tweak Remote Desktop on the PCs, so a connection in either
> direction will not allow transfer of any files.

VNC not RDP is the topic.


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