Re: Outpost/Win95 conflict

From: Lee (
Date: 02/14/05

Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2005 16:34:45 -0600

David Dalton wrote:
> On Mon, 14 Feb 2005 15:41:13 -0330, David Dalton <>
> wrote:
>>On Mon, 14 Feb 2005 18:42:27 -0000, bassbag
>><> wrote:
>>>In article <>,
>>>>A while ago when I asked about firewalls for Windows 95,
>>>>Duane Arnold replied:
>>>>>Kerio 2.15, Outpost, ZA, and Sygate all have free versions that I would
>>>>>think would run on any Win 9'x O/S.
>>>>>You'll have to try them and pick the one that best meets your needs.
>>>>Kerio 2.15 (or is it Kerio 2.1.5?) doesn't support Windows 95.
>>>>Then I tried Outpost 1.0/FREE and that installed fine but
>>>>now there are some problems so I figured I would ask
>>>>here (since there is no tech support for FREE) in case
>>>>some of you experienced the same problems a few
>>>>years ago.
>>>>First it starts up fine on Windows startup but then
>>>>complains about a missing DLL file aupdate.dll
>>>>but then seems to run fine without it.
>>>>Then, the main problem is that when shutting
>>>>down Windows 95, three out of four times
>>>>it hangs and thus the next time Windows 95
>>>>is started scandisk must be run, and my niece
>>>>is getting pissed off at me for installing the
>>>>firewall now (but it has reduced the incidence
>>>>of inserted supposed typos by hackers a lot).
>>>>The one time in four it does shut down there is a
>>>>an error, repeated twice of the form "this
>>>>program has done an illegal operation and
>>>>will be shut down, and you have to click on
>>>>Close twice to get Windows to shut down".
>>>>But the Outpost web site says Outpost FREE
>>>>does support Windows 95 which their
>>>>commercial version does not.
>>>>So anyway I was wondering if any of you
>>>>had come across that problem before and
>>>>knew of a solution. If not I will uninstall it
>>>>next weekend and may then try ZA or
>>>>Sygate as Duane suggests, or do a web
>>>>search for Windows 95 firewall, perhaps.
>>>see thread here...
>>But the Windows Sockets Update is no longer available at
>> where that thread points to so I found
>>an alternate download site at
>>and am downloading it now and will report back here in a followup
> It solved the missing aupdate.dll problem but not the
> problems with hanging on shutting down and thus requiring
> scandisk to run on next startup. Thus there appear
> to be two separate problems I guess, and the
> aupdate.dll problem is unrelated to the shutting down
> problems. I think this box is running basic Windows 95
> (probably second release) except I installed some Windows
> Security Patches a few months ago. Obviously I would
> get a newer box except I am poor currently and only
> need it for an hour a day at most of e-mail and newsgroup
> access and a bit of html editing with a text editor on occasion.
> Also it is my niece's second box, she has an XP machine
> out of town and uses this one only on weekends for hotmail
> and MSN Chat.
> If I can't solve the problem with shutting down I will
> uninstall Outpost FREE and try something else,
> maybe even a cheap commercial version (though
> these commercial versions do not state up front
> they do not run with Windows 95 so if you download
> one and find it does not then you have to apply
> for a refund as I did with Kerio), by the weekend.
> Thanks for your advice, those who have replied
> so far.
> David

Regardless of which firewall app you have, get in the
habit of telling windows to shutdown to the dos prompt.

If/when it does that successfully, use the power switch
to turn it off.

No more auto-scandisk as windows thinks it was shutdown


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