Re: Can't connect via VNC from work to home

From: Michael J. Pelletier (
Date: 02/13/05

Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2005 23:13:00 -0800

Grosby wrote:

> Hi,
> I've been trying various versions of VNC (VNC, TightVNC, UltraVNC) to
> connect to my home PC from work -- with no success. Every version reports
> that it can't connect, and I get a "10061 Connection Refused" error. This
> occurs whether I use the various "VNC Viewer" apps -or- the Java-based
> applet from within my workplace's web browser.
> At home, I did NOT have any firewalls running during the tests, so that
> can't be the problem. Further proof of this is the fact that even when
> I have ZoneAlarm ON, I can still connect UltraVNC to a friend's PC (and
> vice versa) with no problems. The problem is NOT due to my home PC not
> accepting incoming connections (eg. no "incoming prompt" timing out, etc).
> So... it appears my workplace has a firewall in place that is preventing
> the outgoing connection to my home. Any ideas on how I can get this
> working? I'll be using UltraVNC as I like that app the best. My work
> PC runs Win 2K Pro, and at home I have Win XP Pro with the Windows
> Firewall disabled but ZoneAlarm running.
> Thanks for any ideas! :)

1) First find a port that is allowed outgoing (not via a application layer

2) Change your server's VNC port to that port. (Could be FTP, HTTP, HTTPS
(this is a good one to check as some web proxies can not handle https well)

I am now going to slap myself since I am a corp security guy...

P.S. A word of warning. As I told you how to do it. When I find people doing
these things to try to bypass my security (and I do check; Daily). I DO
HAVE THEM FIRED. Serious. Make sure it is really worth it...You know losing
your job trying to look cool...and oh ya that unemployment thing suck

--- Michael