Re: Is complete home security possible?

From: John Mason Jr (
Date: 02/06/05

Date: Sun, 06 Feb 2005 02:54:44 -0500

Charles Newman wrote:
> "Arthur Hagen" <> wrote in message
> news:cu3eb2$742$
>>Leythos <void@nowhere.lan> wrote:
>>>3) Block outbound ports 135,136,137,138,139,445,1433,1434 (these are
>>>destination port blocks, not local port blocks).
>>I recommend against blocking the last two if running any kind of servers,
>>they can be used for legal return traffic, and most NAT home routers won't
>>see the difference, and block it even when they shouldn't.
> Unfortunately, 1433 and 1434 MUST be blocked, to stop Kazaa. That is
> in the range of ports that Kazaa ueses. If 1433 and 1434 are open, the
> anyone on your network can use Kazaa.

Smarter firewalls can identify p2p traffic and block it dynamically.

>>>4) Install a quality antivirus program - one that gets frequent
>>>updates and ranks in the top 3 by most corporate users.
>>I'd recommend Symantec Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition, except that you
>>can't buy a single copy -- you have to buy a minimum of 10. This product
>>should not be confused with the consumer "Norton Antivirus", which is a
>>completely different, buggy and bloated product that really only shares
> Two words;
> Avast is much better, because its free for home use, and no subscrption
> fees.
Well a reasonable fee to keep development going and virus definitions
current is a good thing.