Re: Misleading hacker/Reinstating Temp. Wireless.

From: Mark S (
Date: 01/31/05

Date: 31 Jan 2005 15:16:03 -0600

You sure its not either:
 - a microwave oven very close by
 - a cordless telephone
 - and TV/remote resender
 - a brand-x turbo-G wap thats hogging the spectrum when in use

<> wrote in message
> I have a linksys wireless network supporting a single computer, a
> "cable" telephone(Vonage) and a single wireless connection(Playstation
> 2).
> I am currently living in an apartment complex, that seems very casual,
> but I have noticed some wirless 'interference,' recently, and assumed
> some punk kids were just messing around with their Legion sniffers or
> what not. Whether or not they are 'punk', or 'kids' is still to be
> determined, but I did find traces of foreign activity, and will claim
> this to be a legitimate 'hacker.'
> I am not too concerned as I know what preventive measures to take.
> What I do want to do, is bait him.(or her?)
> Currently, this 'hacker,' likes to disable my wirless and nothing more.
> Not a huge issue, as he is not doing it through root access, rather
> some series of heavy interferrence,(32k packet dump?) but you can
> imagine the inconvenience.
> I considered finding, or having a basic program written.
> This program, would take my root router password, and upon a set XX
> time, it would login, and re-enable the wireless.
> This is sure to annoy the hacker, and keep them trying to re-disable,
> but being that I have root and he (hopefully)does not obtain it anytime
> soon, then while he is having fun trying to time out my program, I can
> spend some more time learning about him.
> I am not much of a programmer, and at this point, I'm not looking for
> suggestions on how to approach this person, just to find someone who
> knows or could possibly point me in the direction of what it is I'm
> looking for.
> If anyone has a really good idea, please send me a copy of your post to
> my listed email; as I may not check this too
> often.
> TIA,
> Sad