Re: ZoneAlarm blocks Visual InterDev 6 from connecting to IIS5
Date: 01/28/05

Date: 28 Jan 2005 12:19:23 -0800

Guys, thanks for the input. Very much appreciated. I have tried the
suggestions you gave but no luck so far.

I entered as the IP address for IIS (5.1) and tried to connect
with that address from VI but it didn't work. I had tried this in the
past with the same results. I also tried connecting with
and Both did not work.

I removed both applications and installed them again. I got the program
access alerts from ZoneAlarm for both Visual InterDev (VI) and IIS
which I clicked for both to be allowed access to the internet and for
IIS to also act as a server (which was how it was set before). I tried
to connect but got the same error.... "Unable to contact web server..."

I looked in event viewer but didn't see any new DCOM errors. However I
have seen such errors in the past in event viewer.

Is there a list of ports being blocked by ZoneAlarm? If so how do I
veiw that list and experiment with changing the configurations? Or
perhaps is there a setting I could change within VI to allow it so see
the server through ZoneAlarm?
Thanks for your help so far.