Re: ZoneAlarm blocks FTP apps

From: Jason Edwards (none1_at_invalid.invalid)
Date: 01/26/05

Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2005 18:43:12 -0000

"Melvin Klassen" <Klassen@UVic.CA> wrote in message
> On Tue, 25 Jan 2005 11:30:58, "Jason Edwards" <none1@invalid.invalid>
> wrote:
> > If I remember correctly ZA has at least four types of permission for
each program.
> > There's connect to the local zone (or is it called trusted zone now?),
> > connect to the Internet, act as a server to the local zone and act as a
> > server to the Internet.
> > How do these relate to the direction of the data flow?
> Compare the trusted zone to the occupants of your house.
> You trust them to access your telephone and computer and refrigerator
> and not to "trash" the house.

Um not at my house. Not all of them anyway :)

> They can enter your house (your trusted zone) at any time,
> and graze at your refrigerator door (your "server") and dial-out from
> your telephone (another server).
> People not in your trusted zone don't have those privileges while
> inside your house.
> You probably block them at the entrance, if/when they try to come "in"
> to your house.

The purpose of the question was to help me find out whether or not "Reader"
knows anything about what the firewall he trusts actually does.


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