Re: Firewalls cause constant disk writes?

From: Bas Keur (
Date: 01/15/05

Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2005 23:04:24 +0100

> With Sygate free I get disk writes every 5 seconds on average. I have
> logging turned off. If I exit Sygate and use Windows XP SP2 Firewall, they
> stop. The same seems to happen with Zone Alarm free. Do all firewalls tend
> to do this?
> Pat.

You being the only one using it ? Hell no.
It should (or it's pure crap) have some sort of setting
where you can define a memory buffer. Try 32MB,
should be enough for a 12 hours IO free system.

Then again, i'm not familiar with those `home products`, what
I do know about these firewalls is that they have a reputation
that prevent them from being taken `seriously` :)

I think the XP-SP2 does a better job handeling IO since those
Zone alarm & Sygate are applications that need to `talk` to
windows trough some sort of API. (Unlike FW-1 for ex.)

BIG-Note: This is just me speculating.....

] Bas Keur
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