NIS 2005 on a gateway/router pc?

From: abspc (
Date: 01/15/05

Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2005 07:26:21 -0800

Would it be possible to run norton internet security 2005 on a pc that
would be used as a router/gateway? What I would like to know
specifically is if anyone knows if NIS would be able to use its own
parental control and firewall rules for the internet and local lan pcs.
So it would be set up to block or allow web sites and newsgroups
requested from the lan. So if someone on pc1 is trying to access a
newsgroup that is blocked it is denied. or same for a newsgroup or

i am wondering if it can even do that like you set up NIS on the pc
router and then apply to the lan nic and internet nic the rules.