Re: Whats the best to use?

From: Wolfgang Kueter (
Date: 12/28/04

Date: Tue, 28 Dec 2004 22:57:29 +0100 wrote:

> I am currently using Trend PC-Cillin, and love it. It has never let me
> down. But I want to begin using firewalls


> for security purposes

Define 'security purposess'!

> and found that I am not satisfied with Trends. I was looking to use
> ZoneAlarm Security Suite, but found that the reviews on it were not all
> that great. A friend of mine belongs to a group and they all use
> McAfee, except two of em use Norton. So right not I am trying to
> figure out what to do?

- Use Brain 1.0
- Define you needs, define potential threats, look for tools to overcome
these. A properly configured system does not need suspect third party
tools. Lock down your box, done.

> Should I stick with Trend, and find a stand
> alone firewall, or switch to another virus scan all together like
> Norton or McAfee?

You should simply use BRAIN 1.0 or above.