Re: firewall vendors demanding support contract for software downloads

From: Alex Hunsley (
Date: 12/17/04

Date: Fri, 17 Dec 2004 09:10:22 GMT

Leythos wrote:
> In article <YWpwd.43217$>,
> says...
>>Imagine I buy a new firewall tomorrow and don't plan to extend the
>>support/service contract after the default period. Am I supposed to
>>trawl their site and download every single last file available just in
>>case I might need it a few years down the road?
> Since that's how its been for more than 5 years that I can remember,
> YES.
> Since your firewall doesn't really need the updated software, since it
> does what it does when you purchased it, then you got what you paid for.
> In most cases, with few exceptions, the firewall updates are only to add
> features, which were not there when you bought the thing.

Drivers aside, I'm thinking of utilities and associated software such as
VPN clients.

> Oh, and you can't really compare Firmware and Interface software for a
> Firewall to a driver for a video card.

It appears to be the case...