Re: Virus's in images?

From: Lars M. Hansen (
Date: 12/10/04

Date: Thu, 09 Dec 2004 18:32:40 -0500

On Thu, 09 Dec 2004 22:02:20 -0000, Skywise spoketh

>Can an ordinary image, such a .jpg, contain malicious
>code that can be executed?

Isn't that what the jpeg library bug (search GDI+ on was
all about? Some buffer overflow somewhere that would allow the attacker
to run code of their choice?

There's also the silly "picture_of_my_naked_sister.jpg.exe" crap. For
those who have hidden the "registered extensions", that would show up as
a jpg file, while for the rest of us, it would show up as the lamest
(and I don't use that word often) attempt at fooling someone.

Lars M. Hansen
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